Green Pastures Razzy

Razzy is one of our favorite does.  Very friendly. A great Mom,  she has delivered two beautiful doelings in 2014, Back 40 Razzle Dazzle and Back 40 Razzabelle, then Back 40 Abby in Sept. 2015. Twin Bucklings April 2016.  A doeling November 2016.  Twins in 2017, and a buckling in 2018.

Sire:  Mountain View Farms Raz-A-Ma-Taz

Dam: Green Pastures Amy

DOB: 3/08/2012             Weight: 95 lbs

Green Pastures Rockin Kira

Kira has a unique set of white markings.  She has a solid build.  Delivered twin doelings on 11/26/14, Back 40 Jessa and Back 40 Jinger. Twin Bucklings in September 2015.  Twins in 2016. Triplets in 2017, twins in 2018.

Sire:  Green Pastures Rock Star

Dam: Woody Creek Farm Kira

DOB: 3/8/2012             Weight: 94 lbs.

Kira delivered twins in November 2014.  She did excellent! This is Back 40 Jinger 

with Back 40 Jessa in the background!

FNG Farms Dove

Dove is our pet goat.  She has a loving personality and serves as the "greeter" for all our new additions.  Our newest members feel very calm with Dove around.  She doesn't get excited about simple things, and just goes with the flow. She does faint, if another goat scares her. Her offspring seem to be doing very well, scoring around a 5, and carrying her bright blue eyes!

Sire:  Brassring Louie

Dam: Cripple Creek Ranch Edie Ann

DOB: 3/25/12            

Back 40 Greenlee

Sire: Sunshine Acres Red Man

Dam: River View Ramona

DOB: 2/21/14

Roan, horned, brown eyed


A big baby, she was our bottle baby and is absolutely rotten.

Buck Creek Maribel

Love this girl! Very pleasant personality.  Built strong and solid.

Sire:  PGCH B's Barn Eli Coming

Dam:Buck Creek Mimzy

DOB: 10/15/15

Brown with white doeling


Brown eyes

Buck Creek Kimber

One of my favorite does.  Love the black and white blazed face with blue eyes! 

Sire:  PGCH Buck Creek Romeo

Dam: Pint Size Holly Daze

DOB: October 18, 2015

Black and White


Blue Eyes

Back 40 Whatchamacallit

Our spotted girl is forever changing! 
Doeling, Disbudded, Blue Eyes

Sire: B's Barn Calico Kid 

Dam: Green Pastures Hershey

DOB: September 13, 2015

Back 40 Muddy Rose

She had some difficulty arriving in the world.  Thought she was still born, but picked her up and moved her around for a great come back! She has grown beautifully and is our niece's favorite.  She delivered twin doelings October 2016.

Sire: B's Barn Calico Kid

Dam: Green Pastures Sasha

Single horned brown eyed doeling

DOB: November 28, 2014