B's Barn Calico Kid

Calico Kid is one of this year's herd sires.  He is very friendly.  We love his color and build.  Thank you B's Barn for allowing us to own this great buck!

Sire:  S-L White Lace

Dam: B's Barn Eclipse

DOB: 3/01/2014

Pint Size Pizzaz 

Sire: Pint Size Victory
Dam: PGCH Pint Size Calypso

Love black and white with blue eyes and great build!  Disbudded.  Extremely friendly!

DOB: 3/05/2015

Reference Bucks

B's Barn Ice Pop

Sire: B's Barn Bud Wiser

Dam: Providence Farm Puddin Pop

White, horned with bright blue eyes

DOB: 9/25/14

Buck Creek Valentino

Sire:  HALR Phantom

Dam: PGCH Buck Creek Hanna 

       (Dam: PGCH Titan Farms Carley)

                                                            DOB: 11/27/13


Green Pastures Zorro 

Zorro has been one of our herd sires.  We have several of his offspring and have been pleased with everything he produced.  His offspring often have bright blue eyes and shiny black and white coats!  He now lives with 6 does on a small hobby farm, and hopefully will be able to retire there.  
Sire:   Green Pastures Nikko 
Dam:  3 Green Acres Bella 3GA

DOB: 3/21/2011                        SOLD

Sunshine Acres 

Red Man

Sire:  Green Pastures Ezekiel Blu

Dam: Sunshine Acres Ruby Red

DOB: 2/28/13



Back 40 Chocolate Chip

Sire:  Green Pastures Zorro
Dam: Sunshine Acres Hello Kitty

Born at Back 40 Fainters

DOB: 7/05/2012


Green Pastures Browning


Back 40 Oreo

Sire: Green Pastures Oreo

Dam: Fern Hill Sedona