Copper, the Miniature Pinscher,  runs the show both in and outside of the house, barns, trucks, etc. A gift from my Son for Christmas in 2009.  Never having an inside dog, I was uncertain about how this would go.  Not soon after he arrived, he proved he was worth his weight in gold (all 10.2 lbs of him).  A companion, guardian, parent, alarm system, and great with kids, he learned fast how to fit right in, and to help me manage (literally). He does tricks for several places we visit and loves to ride in the trucks!

We can't say enough about this little guy!  

Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs)

After researching the best ways to protect our herd from predators, we decided LGDs were something we wanted to try.    They are teaching us how it's done.  With some very good advice from wonderful mentors, their previous owners, we are learning together.    


Bert joined us in 2014 from B's Barn who had owned him for a period of time.  He has been an excellent addition to our farm. Lovely with the human kids and visitors, and then returns to the goats to watch after them.  We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with this wonderful dog.  He is teaching us what to do, and teaching the goats  that he's there for them.  


Ben joined us in 2016.  He has been an excellent addition to the family.  He guards the perimeter and notifies us of any intruders.  He has made a permanent home here!