We are selling most of our horned Does.  These does have given us nice kids, and we are retaining several of them.

B8298 Green Pastures Rockin Kira 

Kira has a unique set of white markings.  She has a solid build.  Delivered twin doelings on 11/26/14, Back 40 Jessa and Back 40 Jinger. Twin Bucklings in September 2015.  Twins in 2016. Triplets in 2017. Twins in 2018.  

Sire:  Green Pastures Rock Star

Dam: Woody Creek Farm Kira

DOB: 3/8/2012             Weight: 94 lbs.

For Sale $350.00

B8296 Green Pastures Razzy

Razzy is one of our favorite does.  A great Mom,  she has delivered two beautiful doelings in 2014, Back 40 Razzle Dazzle and Back 40 Razzabelle, then Back 40 Abby in Sept. 2015. Twin Bucklings April 2016.  A single doeling November 2016.  Twins in 2017, and a single large buckling in 2018.  Very pleased with everything she has produced for us.

Sire:  Mountain View Farms Raz-A-Ma-Taz

Dam: Green Pastures Amy

DOB: 3/08/2012             Weight: 95 lbs

For Sale $350.00

C1241 Back 40 Nike Queen

Nike is a very feminine goat.   She has a shiny black coat with bright blue eyes like her sire.   Offspring include Back 40 Butterscotch and Back 40 Calico Queen, both of which carry her bright blue eyes.  A set of twins again in 2018

Sire:  Green Pastures Zorro

Dam: Ty Hunt Meg Tilly

DOB: 2/27/13        

                                                                 For Sale $350.00               

C4596 Back 40 Beyounce

Chocolate with blue eyes.

Delivered a beautiful cream colored doeling in 2016. Set of twins in 2017 including Calamity Jane, and a set of twins in 2018.

Sire:  Green Pastures Browning

Dam: Back 40 Jezzabelle

DOB: 2/23/14

For Sale $350

Doelings - see Spring 2018 Kids for sale

Bucklings - see Spring 2018 Kids for sale

Sales policy

We require a $75.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your goat purchase.  Deposit applies to purchase price.  Payable via money order or check. There is a $35.00 charge for any returned check.  Buyer may choose to pay additional amount at time of pick up in cash, or send amount prior to pick up.  All our goats have our current health management record, receive CD&T vaccinations, wormed, and feet trimmed.   Our goats are registered with MGR, or have appropriate paperwork to register the goat prior to leaving the farm, which is included in sale price. Transportation to be arranged by buyer and at buyer's expense.  The buyer is responsible for the cost of a health certificate, or any other tests requested or needed prior to pick up of any animal.   We understand that things happen to prevent pick up at times (such is the life of a farmer) but we also can not hold a goat purchase indefinitely.  If a goat is not picked up on agreed upon date, a two week grace period will be given.  After the grace period, the goat will be placed back on the For Sale page, and the deposit will be forfeited.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.